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SEO Guide.

Search engine optimization is the central part of an online marketing campaign, a website is optimized as a process of making sure that search engines are able to properly crawl and classify a website properly. Even without a need to get traffic from Search Engines, Optimizing your website would still be a generally good thing to do so as not to confuse search engines and thereby misleading those who uses search engines to get to websites.

The process of properly optimizing a website can be a complicated task.

Which is why I have created a Search engine optimization guide, my guide is meant for those who are looking for a quick way to get a website properly rated in search engines and properly classified so as to attract high quality traffic, this would eventually lead to better sales but SEO is not the only factor that can influence online sales.

What my SEO guide contains.

My Search Engine optimization guide is really a step by step guide that shows in not so complicated steps what to do in your website and off your website, and if followed those steps eventually lead to a better website no matter what condition your website is in. meaning even if you consider your website to be the best, my SEO guide would still allow it to get better. Infect what I have indicated in my SEO guide is a way to continually improve any website even if that website is in position one for most keywords related to the market that such a website is concentrated in.

Who can use my SEO Guide?

I have created the guide for use by anyone who is interested in getting a website rated properly and the most important factor about my SEO Guide is that even if one does not know anything about Search Engine Optimization or website development you would still be able to get a website rated better by following exactly what I explained in the guide, I have done my best to refrain from explaining the theory behind most of the facts I mentioned in the guide as the only thing that is Important is whether or not people can be able to follow what is detailed in the guide.

How long will it take before a website gets rated properly?

It all depends on how long it takes for a search engine such as Google if you want to get rated by Google to index your website, and after that your website will continue to improve in ratings continuously. Then the best answer for this is normally from one day to seven days that your website will start showing improvements after following the steps I have indicated in my SEO Guide.

There are many important factors that influence search engines while rating websites and in my SEO guide I have concentrated only on those things that makes a lot of difference, meaning the other less important stuff I have left it for another time. Maybe when I consider it appropriate to write a second guide dedicated to those who already knows something about SEO then I will consider writing about the rest of the stuff that really influences SEO.