SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Search engine Optimization has come a long way and recently we have been embraced by an update of the PANDA Google Algorithm, although most people are unsure what it all means, i could safely tell you that, webmasters need to put more effort on Quality content on their websites because it is no longer going to work at all if you rely on article spinning the effect of Panda Version 4 Update is that most websites that were not in any way creating original content found themselves in trouble because  of the recent panda upgrade.

SEO Strategy based on Quality Content.

An SEO Strategy that is based on quality content is the only SEO Strategy that can get you rated in Google, and some very good results in any other Search Engine in the world today. Google is pushing all the right buttons to get its results page more useful to those who are conducting searches as more and more people are starting to make use of Google to search for every little thing about their lives and sometimes even life threatening situations and being researched by making use of Google, so I think it is Google’s moral responsibility to make sure that the results returned (websites) are of highest Quality. So if anyone still needs to have a website listed in Google then the way to go is to create something of value.

Creating Quality Content.

Creating Quality content should be done by using the most basic application of all to write your content first:

SEO Strategy

Write your Articles in Microsoft Word

Yes Microsoft word is still the most useful application to write your content correctly and then you can use the spell check also.

The reason for this is that your content must be able to pass the basic tests first such as Grammar and Spelling Check before it can be considered as a Good Authority Article.

Writing your articles in Microsoft word and do spelling and grammatical error checks might not be enough after all to make sure that your articles really helps you when it comes to SEO.

You need to also make sure that once your article is finished you optimize your document in such a way that Google, does not make any mistakes when it comes to the subject of the article that is if you are writing about SEO Strategy and not SEO then your article must be optimized in such a way that allows this basic information to be passed along to Google’s Algorithms Remember Google algorithms cannot truly understand the content or even context of your written text and until such time arrives, we are going to have to manually Optimize our Documents in order to make sure that they are indexed and stored under the right category so that when a user searches Google the article is returned for the right keywords and or key phrases.

How to Optimize your Document?

Optimizing your Document Say for SEO Strategy you are going to have to indicate the importance of that word by making use of it and bolding it in just the right places. The most useful places to make use of the keyword or key phrases are the title, heading and bolded text in paragraphs one bolded text in one paragraph is enough to get you rated for that keyword.

There are a lot of guides that are written especially on creating properly Optimized website pages which is not the purpose of this article, for in this article I am just explaining how to create quality content not websites.

If you can write your content according to the guidelines above then you won’t be having any problems whether you are using your content on your blog or website it does not matter.

There’s however one important factor on SEO Strategy?

I just couldn’t resist specifying this because I know that some people write content for optimizing their websites by creating backlinks from content that they create themselves, the point here is the link that you are going to create, make sure your most important link is as high on the page as possible, I sometimes link the title, second make sure that theme of your blog, and the subject of your article matches the page you are linking to, because if you do all this then your links would be worth much more even if they are no follow links.

Maybe someday I would tell you how to constantly improve just one page ratings on your website by constantly writing articles and creating backlinks, in such a way that everyday your ratings keeps on improving.

Most of the information on this article was taken from my SEO Book which can be found on my website.


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